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    13 Animals With Better Halloween Costumes Than YOU

    You would wish you had one.

    Either you wanna scare your neighbours to death

    Or prank other pets?

    Or just kill em with cuteness?

    Check out these cute Halloween costumes for pets!

    1. The Three-headed Cerberus

    2. The Skeleton Cat

    3. Mr. Fluffy Freddy Krueger

    4. The Devil's Cat

    5. The Dog Eater

    6. The Wrecking Ball

    7. The Adorable Hedgehog Witch

    8. The Headless Dogrider

    9. The Vicious Scorpion

    10. The Zorro

    11. The Little Lion

    12. The Ghost Turtle

    13. The Spider Dog

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    We wish you a crazy Halloween with your pets!