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    As Someone Who Loves Words, These 24 Unique Words Absolutely Changed My Life

    Words are like keys. If you choose the right ones, you can open any heart.

    1. Fernweh

    Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love staring out a foreign country
    Columbia Pictures

    (n.) This German word is the opposite of homesickness. It's a longing for a distant place or a desire to travel.

    2. Rantipole

    A character from perks of being a wallflower standing on the back of a truck in a tunnel
    Summit Entertainment

    (Noun, verb, and adj.) This word means wild, reckless, and adventurous.

    3. Pluviophile

    Frank Sinatra dancing in the rain and splashing around

    (n.) A person who loves rain and finds joy and peace when it rains.

    4. Ceraunophilia

    Lightning striking the earth
    Kylewolfe / Getty Images

    (n.) To adore thunder and lightning and finding them both stunning.

    5. Thalassophile

    Harry Styles shirtless on the water in a sailor hat
    Columbia Records

    (n.) Someone who loves the sea or ocean.

    6. Gumusservi

    The moon reflecting off some water with a city shining in the dark in the foreground
    Luca Libralato Photography / Getty Images

    (n.) The Turkish word for the moon's reflection on water.

    7. Abibliophobia

    Hermione intensely reading a spell book
    Warner Bros.

    (n.) The fear of running out of material to read.

    8. Nyctophilia

    A person hanging out in the moonlight on a deserted street
    Ninja Tune/Vinyl Factory

    (n.) A love of the moon, darkness, and/or night accompanied by a feeling of relaxation or comfort.

    9. Atelophobia

    Miley Cyrus crying in her music video for her song Wrecking Ball
    RCA Records

    (n.) The fear of not being perfect or good enough.

    10. Bibliophilia

    Star Thrower Entertainment

    (n.) A love for books

    11. Euneirophrenia

    Focus Features

    (n.) The sense of calm and peace after a good dream.

    12. Selcouth

    The Geffen Company

    (adj.) Unfamiliar, different, strange

    13. Petrichor

    A boy walking through a city holding an umbrella as it rains around him
    Gravier Productions

    (n.) The way the earth smells after rainfall.

    14. Eccedentesiast

    Summit Entertainment

    (n.) One who hides pain behind a smile. (originally someone who performs with their teeth)

    15. Werifesteria


    (v.) To wander through a forest seeking mystery.

    16. Astrophilia

    A mountain range showing off the wide galaxy behind it
    Diana Robinson Photography / Getty Images

    (n.) A love and/or obsession with stars, planets, and space.

    17. Hiraeth

    Red Hour Productions

    (n.) This Welsh word means: a longing for a home that maybe never was or the lost places of your past; irrational attachment to an era, location, or person.

    18. Orphic


    (adj.) mysterious, entrancing, past understanding.

    19. Athazagoraphobia

    20th Century Fox

    (n.) A fear of being replaced or forgotten or forgetting.

    20. Alexithymia

    Nick from New Girl making a grumpy turtle face at emotions

    (n.) An inability to communicate or express one's feelings.

    21. Pistanthrophobia


    (n.) A fear of trusting others due to one's negative past.

    22. Engentado

    Paramount Pictures

    (n.) Wishing to be alone; Tired of being around people.

    23. Novaturient

    Big Beach Films

    (adj.) A desire to change your life; The feeling that leads you to travel.

    24. And lastly, selenophilia

    Elliot and ET riding in front of the moon on a flying bike
    Amblin Productions

    (n.) A love of the moon and a feeling of peace from it.