As Someone Who Loves Words, These 24 Unique Words Absolutely Changed My Life

    Words are like keys. If you choose the right ones, you can open any heart.

    1. Fernweh

    Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love staring out a foreign country

    2. Rantipole

    A character from perks of being a wallflower standing on the back of a truck in a tunnel

    3. Pluviophile

    Frank Sinatra dancing in the rain and splashing around

    4. Ceraunophilia

    Lightning striking the earth

    5. Thalassophile

    Harry Styles shirtless on the water in a sailor hat

    6. Gumusservi

    The moon reflecting off some water with a city shining in the dark in the foreground

    7. Abibliophobia

    Hermione intensely reading a spell book

    8. Nyctophilia

    A person hanging out in the moonlight on a deserted street

    9. Atelophobia

    Miley Cyrus crying in her music video for her song Wrecking Ball

    10. Bibliophilia

    11. Euneirophrenia

    12. Selcouth

    13. Petrichor

    A boy walking through a city holding an umbrella as it rains around him

    14. Eccedentesiast

    15. Werifesteria

    16. Astrophilia

    A mountain range showing off the wide galaxy behind it

    17. Hiraeth

    18. Orphic

    19. Athazagoraphobia

    20. Alexithymia

    Nick from New Girl making a grumpy turtle face at emotions

    21. Pistanthrophobia

    22. Engentado

    23. Novaturient

    24. And lastly, selenophilia

    Elliot and ET riding in front of the moon on a flying bike