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13 Facts About Reuniting With Old Friends

Time for a reunion!

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1. First, there's the slow agonizing and painful wait as the countdown begins.

2. There's that moment when you first see each other

3. You can't contain your exitement!

4. (There may even be tears)

5. You start reminiscing about the good old times and laughing at all the embarrassing stories

6. You fill each other in about all that has happened in your life

7. You finally get to party together again

8. And you have the best company by your side during that terrible hangover!

9. You talk about old friends and how they are doing, where they are etc

10. You realize that despite the time, you are still the same people inside

11. And when it's time to go, you don't want to leave

12. And Everything Hurts

13. But no matter what, you know that no length of time and no distance can keep you apart :)

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