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    Editorial Review - About the Author After many years of incorrect, misleading and downright intentionally false information regarding body transformation, Liberty has begun to set the record straight. The mass marketers are merely interested in financial gain. They don’t care if the exercise program or piece of equipment they are marketing really works; only that it sells! This book dispels the lies and establishes truth; with over 101 myths. As you read this book, it will resound truth and light within you. This is a must read for anyone! This book will do for you what no other training or exercise book will do. It will show you the “Laws of Nature” as related to training programs and exercise equipment, so that you will never again be ripped off, conned, cheated or deceived by scams relating to body transformation! “Liberty”Blake Hancock was a 6 ft. tall, 98 lb. wrestler in high school when he began his seemingly impossible body transformation quest. Today he has almost 40 years of experience with physique transformation training. Realizing that the mind transformation must come before the body, Liberty worked with a Master Certified Hypnotherapist for over five years, researching and developing a process for positively transforming the mind. As a result of many more years of refining and perfecting this unique mind transformation process, Liberty is ready to introduce these proven, life-changing processes to the world. He is the author of The Art of Positive Transformation of the Mind. To complement this book, Liberty wrote and recorded a Dream Body Life self-hypnosis CD. Liberty also wrote the book, The Art of Positive Transformation of the Body, which includes the Dream Body Fat Burn Perfection diet. Liberty finished addressing fundamental principles of body transformation with his book, Body Transformation Myths and Deceptions FINALLY EXPOSED!, for men and women of all ages. By utilizing his own program, Liberty became the Mr. Utah Masters Champion at age 45. He was featured in an article in the October 2001 issue of Muscle Mag International Magazine, titled Heavenly Transformation. Liberty successfully trained his sister, Cheryl Brown, to win the Mrs. Utah Women’s Masters Champion and eventually become Mrs. Utah overall body building champion. Sandy Hancock was also trained by Liberty, winning the Mrs. Utah Masters Figure Champion and overall Mrs. Utah Figure Champion. Liberty also trained Tali Peterson and Holly Dolgerackis, who both won figure championships. Liberty has successfully trained, and continues to train countless other mind and body transformation enthusiasts. Liberty trained one of the most notable competitors, Art Waller, in the Body for Life contest, who lost over 50 pounds of fat and gained over 25 pounds of muscle in just 12 weeks. Utilizing his own program, Liberty has been able to realize some additional goals and dreams. He used his program to become a licensed real estate agent, licensed mortgage loan officer, amateur photographer, song-writer and singer, and author of his aforementioned books. Liberty was salesman of the year for Global Travel Network in 2007. Launching his Dream Body Life Transformations business is the realization of his biggest life-long dream. Product Details Paperback: 84 pages Publisher: Dream Body Life (January 3, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 0983961905 ISBN-13: 978-0983961901 Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.2 inches Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies) Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (1 customer review) Full products can be found at www.DreamBodyLife.com Tips to success can be found on Twitter @libertyblake

  • Top 3 Exercise Machine Myths The Media Is Hiding From You

    Body shaping is a hot topic, especially in recent years, due to more people being overweight now than ever. Being in great shape is not only attractive to others, but also makes a person feel good about themselves, gives them more energy and confidence in themselves. Mass media plays a big part in developing myths around body shaping. They focus on selling their exercise machines to people who want to look and feel better. By advertising various machines to the public, stressing their methods of increasing muscle tone and healthier lifestyles, their claim to fame comes from the actors, movie stars and athletes who are paid handsomely to make the public believe the machine they are selling put them in their current shape. Instead of seeking the truth, eager consumers buy the machines in hopes of developing the muscle-bound bodies that are portrayed in the commercials. To get the body of your life, you need to know some facts about three of the primary myths behind these theories. Myth #1 - Many of the machines and exercise advertisements on TV really work as advertised, endorsed by movie stars and professional athletes. Facts: This is very important. If you see any exercise machine advertised on T.V., or anywhere for that matter, that uses resistance created from some type of bow, gas piston, air shocks, rubber bands, springs, electric shock, magnetic resistance, negative leverage arms or rams, they are merely creating isometric tension resistance, and NOT pure gravitational resistance. These two types of resistance are completely different physiological forms of resistance in feel, action and results. Isometric tension, which all of the above mentioned exercise machine types create, is no different than placing one hand against the other and pressing, while varying your pressure. This form of resistance is your WORST ENEMY in body transforming. It is a deceiver. It will never give you anywhere near the amazing results of pure continuous resistance created by gravity and iron. You need some form of free iron weights or an extremely high quality cable and iron weight stack machine, which is basically free weights, which gives you pure continuous iron resistance from gravity to make your best gains. This type of resistance is your BEST FRIEND in body transformation. Most exercise equipment you see on T.V. is just a sales gimmick! Myth #2 - The individuals advertising exercise machines on TV really used the machines to achieve the results they show. Facts: Most are simply hired models paid to endorse the product even if it had nothing to do with the way they look; even if they’ve never used the product. If you’ll notice the fine print, the commercial actually has to disclose this. Myth #3 - Some people created their championship physiques using isometric tension, variable resistance exercise machines. Facts: There has never been a physique champion (male or female) made from using any of these isometric tension, variable resistance machines. All physique champions have used some form of pure gravitational weight resistance. Notice that you will NEVER see a bowflex in a professional gym! Learn how to change your life with Dream Body Life  

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