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    The 16 Stages Of Every Advertising Pitch As Told By Cats.


    1. You get the big announcement. There's a palpable mix of excitement and dread.


    There are some extra late nights in your future, but without immediate client feedback, there's nothing to hold you back from coming up with something truly awesome.

    2. First comes the research. This is when a lack of interns becomes very apparent.


    "Wait... you want ME to do this?"

    3. Once the research is complete, it's time to start brainstorming. At this stage, you might hear things like, "no idea is a bad idea," and “think outside the box!”

    4. First round of creative presentations comes around, and there's always that one idea that seems to come from outer space.


    Ok, maybe some ideas are bad ideas...

    5. First pitch night dinner. No one's excited to have to stay late, but hey, at least there's free pizza.

    6. About half-way into the process, someone decides to say something like, "Let's replace concept 3 with something totally different."

    7. Suddenly you're way behind, and the lack of sleep makes everyone irritable and impatient.

    8. You overhear someone being asked what their weekend plans are. You promptly leave your desk. You know they'll probably just email you, but you hold on to that hope.

    9. Just when you think you're in the clear, you're spotted. Bye bye weekend.

    10. Monday rolls around and exhaustion starts to set in. Taking a nap under your desk suddenly seems like totally acceptable idea.


    "Maybe I could use my jacket as a pillow and set my away message to 'in a meeting'... No one would notice, right?"

    11. Excessive tiredness slowly turns into irrational paranoia. Words that are spelled correctly suddenly look completely wrong and you begin to obsess over every little detail.


    "Should this say affect or effect?!"

    12. Pizza... again.

    13. Thank god it comes with free beer…

    14. The night before the pitch, everyone is frantic. It doesn't matter how long you had to prepare... this always seems to happen.

    15. Finally, it's pitch time. The only time anyone actually wears a tie.

    16. After days or even weeks of waiting, you find sweet relief -- you got the account!


    On to the next one!