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    Dear Potential Interns, Please Don't Do These 5 Things...

    Unless you're trying not to get the job ;)

    1. Ignore the directions.


    If you can't even follow directions before you get the job, it doesn't inspire much faith. Take a few minutes and make sure you check off all of the requirements.

    2. Use a resume or cover letter that's clearly a template.


    Most colleges provide students with a basic template to get you started, which is awesome, but you probably aren't the only student from that university who's applying for the position.

    If your resume and cover letter look and sound exactly like everyone else's, you're just going to get lost in the sea of other applicants. Use your own words, change the font, play with the layout, dare I say... have a little fun with it!

    3. "I'm not sure if you're looking for an intern..."


    Please don't start your cover letter with this sentence. All this says to me is that you didn't look at the company website at all.

    We live in a digital age where you can find out all sorts of information simply by asking your friend Google. If you can't find a listing for an internship and still want to be considered, take a different approach.

    4. Use the wrong company name in your cover letter.


    This should be common sense, but I see this happen all the time.

    I get it. Somewhere around application #15 your eyes start to cross, and you just want to get the thing out of your hair. Thing is, the hiring manager doesn't know how many applications you went through previously -- they just see the wrong name.

    5. Forget to proofread.


    Just... no.


    Every Hiring Manager Ever