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Drunk Pimp Boba Fett = Boba Phat

Pimpin' Boba Fett, Drunk Boba, Ol' Dirty Boba Phat, Leisure Suit Boba, Lounge Boba - he goes by a number of names, but he's notorious for being one of the biggest hits at Comic Con & Star Wars Celebrations for the last several years. There are more funny vids of him all across the internet, but this is a classic! Kristen Bell of "Fanboys" talked about him on Craig Ferguson on 2/6/09, and even Megan Fox's nerd status was validated in a recent article by comparing her as being in the same place as him. Featured in a documentary called "Crashing the Con" & interviewed for a long-awaited upcoming Lucasfilm documentary, Boba Phat is epic!

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