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19 Apartment Warming Gifts Recent Grads Actually Need

Struggling with what to get your bestie now that they've got a real-world job and brand new apartment?

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6. Real World Travel Mug


Whatever their poison - coffee or tea - a travel mug is always a welcome gift and for those underfunded recent grads.. it's an easy way to cut back on spending $4 a day at dunks or the bux... and save it for the weekend instead

13. Lawn Chairs


Yes, they remind you of middle-school soccer games, but these things are like gold. They're perfect for outdoor parties, tailgating, weekends away and beach trips. Laugh all you want, but investing in 2-4 of these isn't something you'd regret. ($13 each on Amazon)

17. Classy Pyrex Tupperware


Because even if they don't cook yet... they're about to learn. ($14-22 and lots of colors)

Bonus points: If you really like your friend you can fill them up with candy before you give them to them

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