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    You Can Visit The Entire Solar System Without Leaving The United States

    And here's how!

    Start in Sun, West Virginia


    A former coal mining town, Sun is located about 60 miles southeast of Charleston, the West Virginia state capital.

    Then load up and head west to Mercury, Nevada

    Via Flickr: jciardha

    A former nuclear test site, Mercury can be found 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

    Next stop is Venus, Texas


    Venus is a small city located about 36 miles southwest of Dallas.

    You will then head across the state to Earth, Texas


    Earth is just 65 miles from Lubbock.

    Enough Texas? Time to visit Mars, Pennsylvania


    Mars is about 25 miles north of Pittsburgh. The city is home to a flying saucer attraction and the local high school's mascot is the "Fightin' Planet."

    Jupiter, Florida is next


    Jupiter is, coincidentally, the largest municipality on this list. It's just north of West Palm Beach, Florida.

    You will have to head back north to reach Saturn, Indiana


    Saturn is a rural community west of Fort Wayne. It does not appear that there is too much there other than a church, some farms and a few homes.

    Keep going north, because now you are headed to Uranus, Alaska


    Uranus can be found in Chiniak on Kodiak Island. Good luck getting here -- you'll have to take a few ferries along the way.

    It's a long trip back to Neptune, New Jersey


    Neptune City is located on the Jersey Shore, about 60 miles south of Manhattan, New York

    Your last stop (if you follow pre-2006 rules) is Pluto, West Virginia


    The "dwarf planet," Pluto, may be, on average, 3,670,050,000 miles from the Sun, but Pluto, West Virginia is just 34 miles from Sun, West Virginia where we started.

    Time for a Trip?

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