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What Gift Do You Give To The Person Who Has Everything?

Oh, the holiday agony.

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There's always that one person on your list each year...

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...The dreaded person who's impossible to shop for.

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You pray for them to drop hints.

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And of course they don't.

You try shopping around, in hopes of getting inspired by the Holiday Gods.

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"I'm trying to find something unique..."

But you can't find anything that they don't already have.

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Which means you basically get them the same thing every year.

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Maybe you get them a book from their favorite author.

Or maybe a CD is your go-to present.


You could opt for the handmade route.

"I made this for you..."

"I made this for you..."

Or maybe you just cave and get them a gift card.

Either way, tell us what your go-to gift is.

You'll get ideas from other gifters.

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And they'll learn from you.

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And you'll look like a thoughtful and creative gift-giver once more!

Share your favorite gift options below!

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