This Is The Most Fantastic Student President Campaign Video–"Wolf Of Wall Street" Parody Ever

Thank you, Ireland.

1. Tommy Bolger is running to be President of the Student Union of Ireland’s University of Limerick

He’s also running a decidedly Wolf of Wall Street themed campaign.

2. The Bolger campaign just released this campaign video

It’s pretty much an exact replication of the Wolf of Wall Street Trailer, Kanye and all.

3. The year he turned 22, he earned €8 an hour…

It pissed him off because he had to eat beans and toast for dinner four days a-week.

4. He’s a man of the people


5. Is all of this legal?

“Absolutely,” says Tommy Bolger

6. He bribes with the best of them

Like a true politician.

7. Obviously, he makes it rain

It’s all about the arches, baby.

8. He cares about University of Limerick student activities

9. Because you know you want to see this donkey race on your campus

10. Best of luck in the election, Tommy

11. The election goes down Thursday, March 13

13. Get out there and vote, University of Limerick

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