The Definitive Ranking Of Baby Animal Names, By Cuteness

Don’t you dare mess with a polliwog.

22. Eft.

Efts become newts.

21. Pullet.

A pullet is a baby hen.

20. Elver.

These elvers will grow up to be beautiful eels.

18. Sprag.

A baby cod is a sprag, but you can also call it a codling or a sprat, too.

17. Kid.

Hi there, baby goat!

15. Eaglet

This little guy will grow up to be the national bird of the United States.

14. Chulengo.

A chulengo grows up to be a guanaco.

13. Porkling.

You may be used to piglet, but porkling is the name you deserve.

12. Eyas.

Before they can fly, a falcon is an eyas. Young hawks can also be called eyas, too.

11. Antling.


An antling is a baby ant. Who knew?

10. Peachick.

One day, a peachick will grow up to be a beautiful peahen/peacock.

9. Pinkie.

Yup. Baby rats.

8. Polliwog.

You could call it a froglet, or you could call it a tadpole, but don’t you want to call it a polliwog?

7. Flapper.

You may think these are just ugly ducklings, but these guys will grow up to be swans.

6. Joey.

Joey can be baby kangaroos, koala, opossum and other marsupials.

5. Puggle.

How can you say no to that face? A puggle is a baby echidna.

4. Squealer.

Other names for a baby grouse include poult and cheeper.

3. Porcupette.

I can’t even… A baby porcupine.

2. Whelp.

A baby coyote is commonly called a pup, but it’s also a whelp.

You can also use the term for a baby otter, wolf, hyena, or tiger.

1. Puffling.

The baby puffin is the undisputed heavyweight champ of cute baby animal names.

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