The Most Annoying Thing When Job Hunting

Take note, people in hiring positions.

1. You are super excited, you just had a great interview

“I think we are really looking for some one just like you! You seem like an excellent candidate!”

2. Maybe you talked to about a dozen people over the course of a few weeks

“You are truly exceptional in every way possible.”

3. Either way, you think you have finally made it

“Hey, Mom, I think I might have something!”

4. There is just one catch…

5. “We just have to interview a few more people, we’ll be in touch early next week.”

6. You head out over the weekend to celebrate

7. And then IT happens…

8. N-O-T-H-I-N-G

Nothing happens.

9. There is no phone call

10. There is no email

11. There is absolutely nothing

12. You don’t know what to do

13. You start sending emails

Dear Sir or Madam,

You said I should email anytime if I had a question. Well, I have a question: Did you hire me or did you not hire me?


14. No reply? Maybe I’m going to the spam folder. Better call!

15. You finally realize, they are never going to reply.

16. And they never do. Ever.

17. Not getting the job is annoying, but never really knowing you didn’t get it is significantly more annoying

18. This is you forever

19. This is them

Because they don’t have you to high five.

20. So, just to recap, when you say you will let someone know in a few days, let them know in a few days whether the news is good or bad

Otherwise, you are guilty of doing the most annoying thing to a job seeker.

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