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The 20 Most Pittsburgh Things That Ever Happened

Nebbin' since 1758.

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2. The time PennDOT attempted to give you directions


Leave the Fort Pitt Tunnel and basically you are like, "Oh, I love this view" and then "Wait, I am in the wrong lane and I have about 50 feet to correct this."

3. The time Donnie Iris did a plumbing commercial

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7. The time somebody decided to pack his or her Terrible Towel before they left for vacation

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Don't leave home without it.


9. The time someone opted for a parking living room set

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Pittsburgh may not be the only city with parking chairs, but saving your parking space through furniture can truly be an art form in Western Pennsylvania.


13. The time the Pittsburgh Zoo offered $5 off admission if you had a mullet

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20. The time Bill Mazeroski won the 1960 World Series

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