The 20 Most Pittsburgh Things That Ever Happened

Nebbin’ since 1758.

1. That time they installed statues of George Washington and Franco Harris side-by-side at the airport

Because the Immaculate Reception is certainly as important as the French and Indian War.

2. The time PennDOT attempted to give you directions

Leave the Fort Pitt Tunnel and basically you are like, “Oh, I love this view” and then “Wait, I am in the wrong lane and I have about 50 feet to correct this.”

3. The time Donnie Iris did a plumbing commercial

4. The time you ordered an Iron City Beer to compliment your Primanti’s Sandwich

From Toni with love

5. The first time someone gave directions including the phrase “Turn where the Gulf Station used to be”

It may have been the first, but it certainly wasn’t the last.

6. The moment this t-shirt was designed

Because everything you know about Pittsburgh is the result of Rick Sebak

7. The time somebody decided to pack his or her Terrible Towel before they left for vacation

Don’t leave home without it.

8. The time they built a bridge under a bridge instead of fixing the original bridge

I’m looking at you, Greenfield Avenue Bridge.

9. The time someone opted for a parking living room set

Jennifer Ciroli / Via

Pittsburgh may not be the only city with parking chairs, but saving your parking space through furniture can truly be an art form in Western Pennsylvania.

10. The time your buddy edited his old Jagr jersey

As you do…

11. The time Eat’n Park decided to make a black and gold cookie mascot

Perfect for all occasions.

12. When the Jiří Šlégr guy wore boxing gloves to a Penguins/Flyers game

He probably got the wave going too.

13. The time the Pittsburgh Zoo offered $5 off admission if you had a mullet


14. The time Wiz Khalifa made a music video in front of a bunch of old smoke stacks

The real question is why wasn’t the Gantry Crane included in the Black and Yellow video.

15. The time a group of Pirates fans made their own Pierogi costumes

Because the highly intelligent Oliver Onion needs your support.

16. The time Edgar Snyder coined the phrase “There’s never a fee unless we get money for you”

17. The time that Andy Warhol made a portrait of Andrew Carnegie

18. The time you were about to buy this jersey

And the time you saw a guy at Walmart wearing one.

19. The third time you went to Kennywood and your dad complained about not being able to use tickets anymore

Seriously, the ticket system was great. Let’s bring that back!

20. The time Bill Mazeroski won the 1960 World Series


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