The 14 Most Indespensible Items You Can Buy Right Now In The SkyMall Catalogue

Seriously, how did we survive without this stuff?

14. The Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

SkyMall / Via

This product is actually reviewed pretty positively and (just between you and me) seems pretty awesome.

Also, I’d rather invest that $20 towards donuts.

13. The Voice Activated R2-D2

SkyMall / Via

The future (or distant past) is real, people.

12. The Lacquered Rose Dipped in Gold

SkyMall / Via

Looking for the unique gift that says, “I’m tired of sending you flowers every time I screw up.”? Well, why not send her a flower that’s been preserved and covered in gold?

11. The Sippy Wine Glass

SkyMall / Via

It’s perfect for when you’ve had enough wine for you to be lying on the floor in the fetal position and still want to look somewhat civilized going for more.

10. The Universal Cell Phone Charger and Disinfector

SkyMall / Via

Germophobes rejoice, you no longer have to worry about your phone being dirty if you trust that the blue light is actually killing the microbes on your mobile device.

9. The Talking Dog Collar

SkyMall / Via

Can’t wait for the technology that gave Dug a voice in the movie Up? Want to confuse your dog without having to get out of your chair? Want to add technology to your dog-based marriage proposal?

You’re in luck!

8. The Mademoiselle Floor Lamp

SkyMall / Via

You bought the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story, but you really want to up your anatomical lighting game. Well, why not a decapitated french woman for your living room?

7. The Ultrasonic Barking Dog Deterrent

SkyMall / Via

Buy it for the dog deterrent capabilities, keep it for the confused looks on the faces of your favorite backyard birds.

6. The Looq Remote Shutter

SkyMall / Via

Imagine what the Bradley Cooper/Ellen Degeneres Oscar Selfie could have been like. IMAGINE!

5. The Skel-E-Gnome Family

SkyMall / Via

Does the standard garden gnome seem too tame for you? Replace it with a skeleton version. It’s guaranteed to bring some cheer to your garden.

4. The Mounted Squirrel Head

SkyMall / Via

Love taxidermy but you live in a small space and can’t stand the idea of sport hunting? Well, I’ve found you the perfect thing!

3. The GuitDoorbell

SkyMall / Via

Nothing says “I don’t know what to get you anymore” quite like a guitar that you mount above a door for no real reason.

“I know you love music!”

2. The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Statue

SkyMall / Via

It’s the perfect accessory for any haunted Montclair, New Jersey home.

1. The Biffy Butler Bidet Sprayer/Digital Accessory Caddy/Toilet Paper Stand

SkyMall / Via

Have you ever sat on the toilet and thought, “What I really need is a thing to hold my tablet that also has a spray nozzle and toilet paper holder.”? I mean really, have you?

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