The 10 Greatest Scourges On The Tourist Landscape

Yeah, my vacation was good except for the…

10. Ghost Tours

Flickr: garryknight / Creative Commons

Are these like whale watching? If you don’t see a ghost, is the tour free?

9. People Who Feed The Wildlife

Flickr: jreed / Creative Commons

Ask yourself, “Would I do this at home?”

8. Christmas Shops

Flickr: brizo_the_scot / Creative Commons


7. Wax Museums

Flickr: silveiraneto / Creative Commons

You heard that right… I spent $30 so I could take some selfies with FDR.

6. Forced Perspective Photography

Flickr: snowpeak / Creative Commons

Hint: It’s not creative if everyone does it.

5. T-Shirt Vendors

Ah yes… Ethnic garb!

4. Chain Restaurants

Flickr: prayitnophotography / Creative Commons

I was looking for an authentic meal. Instead, I got a blooming onion.

3. People That Force You To Have Your Picture Taken

Flickr: bossco / Creative Commons

First of all, we are actually here so why the green screen? Secondly, we both know you are only selling 1% of those pictures.

I implore you to leave me alone and to stop wasting so much paper and ink, please.

2. Pickpockets

Stealing my money is one thing, but making me feel compelled to use a money belt is simply inexcusable.

1. Costumed Buskers

Flickr: sackerman519 / Creative Commons

I’m sorry, but dressing up like Elmo is not a career.

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