Jack Hanna Is The Real King Of Talk Shows

Jungle Jack appearing on your favorite program is truly a gift from god.

1. It’s late at night; you’re tired.

2. You debate the merits of staying up.

3. You flip through the talk shows, and you discover it.

4. Jungle Jack Hanna is on one of those shows tonight!

The adrenaline kicks in; we’re doing this!

5. You make sure everybody knows.

This is going to be epic!

6. You get a chuckle from the monologue.

7. Then there are a few bits of comedy.

Bring on the ANIMALS!!

8. Maybe there is another guest, too.

Yeah, whatever, Obama.

9. But it’s finally time…

10. …for Jungle Jack Hanna!

And he has a baby… a baby… a baby animal!

11. Lots and lots of cuteness happens.


12. You will see some really rare animals do precious things.

13. Sometimes it gets a little weird.

14. But you know you’ll learn some awesome things about animals.

15. And Jungle Jack isn’t just about night time shows, either.

He goes on every show and has all of the coolest animals.

16. Jungle Jack has all of the best friends.

20. When his segment ends, you are always desperate for more.

21. Thanks for visiting my television, Jungle Jack!

See you again soon!

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