Introducing The Best/Worst Secret Santa Gift That You Can Give

The Yankee Swap is fun again!

1. The Secret Santa gift exchange, it’s a staple of most Christmas Parties

Other variations on the tradition include the Yankee Swap, White Elephant and probably something that you made up just so you could stiff your Irish friend with a potato for kicks.

2. It can be tough buying some inexpensive trinket for a friend or coworker that is appropriate, funny and perfect for them

There is really only so much that the dollar store can provide

3. Fear not, because there is a solution (and it’s epic)

4. Here is what you will need:

5. A Bottle of Wine

White, Red, Rosé… It doesn’t matter.

6. A DVD from a heart-wrenching romantic movie

Can be substituted for Romantic Comedy or Pornographic film if desired.

8. An instant dinner

You could throw in a cup of noodles, a frozen dinner or perhaps just two slices of bread and some peanut butter and jelly.

9. A large paper bag

Keeps the gift contained and organized, which is important!

10. A candle

Probably best to leave it unlit.

11. Some Lotion

If you are becoming budget conscious, just toss in that hotel bottle you swiped a few years ago. It should be enough!

12. An instrumental Christmas music CD

Your local thrift store or used record shop probably has a few lying around.

13. Here’s What You Do

14. Take Everything and Put It Into The Bag

The lotion should go first so it comes out last on the night of your Secret Santa.

15. Take a marker and write this onto the bag

Yes, it is that simple!

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