Extra Sexy Hippzster Is Too Cool For The Preakness Stakes

Have thoroughbred names officially gone too far?

1. Meet three-year-old colt ExtraSexyHippzster

He’s too cool for the mainstream races.

2. He raced in the 7th Race at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore today

Yeah, that’s right, he did not even bother with the Preakness Stakes

3. He told his friends that he only went because that means he got tickets to see Lorde’s show at the Preakness too

“And we’ll never be thoroughbreds (thoroughbreds)…”

4. Here’s to you, ExtraSexyHippzster!

NYRA Photo / Via vahorseracingnews.com

May you be back in Brooklyn before that gallery opening’s open bar shuts down at 8:30.

5. Your fans support you win or lose

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