These Shorts Are Pretty Much The Best Thing Disney Ever Made

Chip and Dale are kind of jerks…hilarious jerks.

1. Chip an’ Dale, 1947

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Throughout the middle of the 20th century, Walt Disney was putting out hundreds of animated shorts featuring many of his core characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald and Daisy Duck, Pluto and even Scrooge McDuck and other secondary characters.

The best of these shorts are the ones featuring Donald Duck facing off against Chip and Dale. These 16 films together make up some of the best, funniest and most awesome bits of animation ever created.

2. Three For Breakfast, 1948

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In each piece, the two chipmunks are usually minding their own business when Donald shows up.

4. Winter Storage, 1949

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Donald, who features as everything from a lumberjack to a zoo keeper, grows increasingly frustrated with the pranks of his adversaries.

6. All in a Nutshell, 1949

The Walt Disney Company / Via

There are only 16 shorts ever made that feature both Donald and the Chipmunks although there are several more cartoons where the characters feature separately.

8. Toy Tinkers, 1949

The Walt Disney Company / Via

The shorts were occasionally displayed before feature films or alone in theaters.

10. Crazy Over Daisy, 1950

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Several of the shorts have been released on VHS tapes and some can be found on one DVD release.

12. Trailer Horn, 1950

The Walt Disney Company / Via

But many are still pretty much unknown or forgotten.

14. Out on a Limb, 1950

The Walt Disney Company / Via

However, these shorts are absolutely phenomenal and some of the best work ever created by The Walt Disney Company.

16. Corn Chips, 1951

The Walt Disney Company / Via

If you watch these and are not completely bemused, you are pretty much a humorless person.

18. Test Pilot Donald, 1951

The Walt Disney Company / Via

They are super slapsticky and extraordinarily funny.

20. Out of Scale, 1951

Despite having created such legendary works as The Lion King, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story since these shorts were produced, these little bits of animation still feel like they could have been produced yesterday.

22. Donald Applecore, 1951

The Walt Disney Company / Via

And just think, your grandparents and your parents grew up watching these and now you can enjoy these wonderful comedic triumphs yourself.

24. Working for Peanuts, 1953

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Usually, Chip and Dale come out on top in the respective plot lines.

26. Dragon Around, 1954

The Walt Disney Company / Via

Donald, despite being a duck, seems incapable of flight, which has its own level of comedy attached.

28. Up a Tree, 1955

The Walt Disney Company / Via

In conclusion, stop what you are doing and watch all of these videos, because they are pretty much the best things ever.

30. Chips Ahoy, 1956

The Walt Disney Company / Via

There goes your afternoon!

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