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    9 Reasons Why You Should Be Sporting A Bow Tie

    Bow ties are the definitive most awesome form of neckwear. If you are not wearing one now, put one on.

    1. Lots of Awesome People Wear Bow Ties

    Ladies Too!

    2. Bow Ties Are Great For All Occasions

    3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson Will Help You Learn To Tie One

    View this video on YouTube

    Maybe You Prefer the Science Guy. He'll Teach You Too

    View this video on YouTube

    You Can Also Learn Through A Handy Diagram Like This

    4. Did You Tie That Yourself?

    5. You Can Be As Fashionable As This Fashionable Corgi

    6. There's a Bow Tie to Match any Outfit

    Even Makes the Perfect Complement to Fur

    7. They Retain Their Awesomeness Even When Untied

    8. Anyone Can Totally Rock The Bow Tie

    9. Bow Ties Are Cool