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8 Places That Are Nearly Impossible To Get To (And How To Get To Them)

Start saving your vacation days because you are going to need them.

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1. The Pitcairn Islands


The Pitcairn Islands are a small archipelago located in the South Pacific. The islands, which are inhabited by about 50 people, are an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Many of the Islanders are descendants of the mutineers of the HMS Bounty; their families have been there since the United States was writing its constitution.


How You Get There From The United States

First, you will fly to Tahiti. Flight’s to the main international airport in Tahiti, Fa’a’ā International Airport, leave from Los Angeles and Honolulu. The Los Angeles flight is about eight and a half hours long.

From Tahiti, you will fly to Totegegie Island in the the more remote Gambier Islands. This flight will take nearly four hours. The flight is scheduled one day each week. There is a half hour ferry that you then must take from Totegegie to Mangareva, the main island in the group.

Finally, you will board the Claymore II to the Pitcairn Islands. The main supply ship for the Islands, Claymore II has the ability to carry a few tourists on each trip. The trip from Mangareva takes two days. It visits the islands a handful of times each year.


How You Get There From The United States

Fly to Helsinki. You’ll depart from either Chicago or New York to the Finnish capital. You will spend about 8-10 hours on this flight.

In Helsinki, you will hop a charter to Murmansk, Russia, which is part of your North Pole Cruise (Yeah, you will be cruising to the North Pole).

In Murmansk, you will head north on a cruise to Santa's home. North Pole cruises are only available a few weeks a year when it is warm enough to break up the sea ice. After visiting the pole, you will spend a couple days in the Franz Josef Land on your way back to Murmansk. If you have to ask the price for this cruise, it’s too expensive.


3. South Georgia


Another British possession, South Georgia is an island about the size of the state of Rhode Island. There are about 30 researchers who reside there (most are there only seasonally) plus a whole lot of penguins, seals and albatross

How You Get There From The United States


You'll start by flying to Buenos Aires. Flights to Ministro Pistarini International Airport from the United States originate in Miami, New York City, Dallas, Atlanta and Houston. From Miami, your flight will take about 9 hours.

From Buenos Aires, you will need to take another three and a half hour flight to Ushuaia, which is the southern-most city on Earth. It’s also the most common place for Antarctic cruises to depart.

As an added bonus to visiting South Georgia, you will get to visit Antarctica and the Falkland Islands too because you will have to take an Antarctic Cruise. Most Antarctic cruises will just visit the southern continent, but, if you sign up for a longer journey (usually lasting 20 days to a month), you will get to check out South Georgia too.

4. Altai Tavan Bogd National Park


One of Mongolia's 10 National Parks, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park includes the Petroglyphic Complexes of the Mongolian Altai, a UNESCO world heritage site.


How You Get There From The United States

You will first have to fly to one of eight different airports. You can choose from Incheon International Airport in South Korea, Narita International Airport or Tokyo Haneda Airport in Japan, Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Turkey, Beijing Capital International Airport or Hong Kong International Airport in China, Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia.

From there, you will transfer for a flight to the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator. The flight time here can vary. If you travel through Beijing, it’s a flight of about two hours, but, from Istanbul, you can count on being in the plane for more than 10 hours, which will often include a stop in Kyrgyzstan.

Your next stop is the city of Ölgii, located in the west of Mongolia. Your flight here from Ulaanbaatar will take about four hours.

From Ölgii, you still have another two and a half hour drive to reach the park. There are a few tour operators and outfitters that will help you get there. It’s recommended that foreigners not drive in Mongolia because the country is so sparsely populated.

5. Qalansiyah


The Yemeni town of Qalansiyah is an isolated town on the western tip of the island of Socotra. Because of Socotra's remoteness, a high number of plants and animals can be found only there.

How You Get There From The United States

There are a lot of options for your first flight. You can choose from Cairo International Airport in Egypt, Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, Doha International Airport in Qatar, Bahrain International Airport in Bahrain, Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport in Italy, Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait, Frankfurt Airport in Germany or Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Turkey.

From your first stop, you will get on a flight to Sana'a, Yemen. Depending on where you transfer through, this could be a flight that lasts just about an hour or several hours.

From Sana'a, take a flight across the Gulf of Aden to the Socotra Airport. This airport is the only way on or off the island without a boat.

Once on the Island, hire a driver for the trip to Qalansiyah. The drive from the airport to the remote village is about an hour in length, but, be advised, Socotra is known as a hide out for pirates and other dangerous folks.

6. Santo Antônio do Içá


There are hundreds of villages and towns deep in the Amazon that are difficult to reach. Santo Antônio do Içá is just one of these many and has more than 34,000 residents.

How You Get There From The United States

First fly to Manaus, Brazil. Eduardo Gomes International Airport is served directly from Miami.

From Manaus, hop on a flight to Fonte Boa. This flight will take you further into the jungle.

In Fonte Boa, you will find a boat or private plane headed up river. You may even see an Amazon river dolphin on the way. This final trip will get you to Santo Antônio do Içá.

7. Ellesmere Island


Less than 200 people reside on the world's 10th largest island found up in the Canadian Arctic, and despite the fact that you can get there by air and its in North America, that doesn't mean it's an easy tip.

How you get there from the United States

You'll start by flying to Ottawa or Montreal. You can get to these Canadian airports from most major American airports.

Once in Canada, fly north to Iqaluit. From the capital of Nunuvut, located on the also remote Baffin Island, you still have two more connections. This flight will be between three and four hours in length.

Take a Flight to Resolute from Iqaluit. You will have to stop in Arctic Bay on the way to Resolute in a flight that will take more than 4 hours total. Seems easy so far, right?

In Resolute, get on a Prop Plane to Grise Fiord. Grise Fiord is the only Airport on the island and is served infrequently by charters and cargo flights, so it’s probably best to plan ahead for this flight. Plus, once you get to Ellesmere, you will be in one of the most remote places on Earth (not that you haven’t already visited a few others).

8. St Helena


What is it with the Brits and hard-to-get-to territories? St. Helena, which is most well known as the site of Napoleon's second exile (and his death), is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which is one step ahead of being in the middle of nowhere.

How you get there from the United States

Start by flying to Johannesburg, South Africa. You can fly directly to Johannesburg from New York City, Washington and Atlanta. For this leg, you could also choose to fly through most of the major European hubs. If you choose the Johannesburg route, get ready for a nearly 15 hour flight.

You will transfer to Cape Town. This two hour flight will be a breeze you think.

In Cape Town, board the RMS St. Helena. After just five days of floating through the open ocean, you will arrive in St. Helena.

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