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8 Instagram Accounts You Totally Need To Follow Before The Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will make its way across the United States. Grab your solar glasses and make sure your Instagram is prepared for this cosmic dance.

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1. NASA (@nasa)

Instagram: @nasa

The United States' space agency is everyone's first stop for all things in the cosmos and with scientists on the ground, in the sky and on the International Space Station, NASA should have some epic shots to share come August 21.

2. National Solar Observatory (@nationalsolarobservatory)

Instagram: @nationalsolarobservatory

The National Solar Observatory has been watching the Sun since the 1950s, and, through a massive citizen science project, will have eclipse watchers spread from coast to coast capturing coronal ejections as the eclipse moves from Oregon to South Carolina.

3. The Franklin Institute (@franklininstitute)

Instagram: @franklininstitute

One of the nation's oldest science museums and home to one of the world's first public observatories, The Franklin Institute's logo is a solar eclipse.

4. Astronaut Randy Bresnik (@astrokomrade)

Instagram: @astrokomrade

Astronaut Randy Bresnik just joined the crew of the International Space Station, which will provide a unique vantage point as the Moon's shadow moves across the North American continent.

5. Grand Teton National Park (@grandtetonnps)

Instagram: @grandtetonnps

One of the most popular spots to catch totality, when darkness falls in the middle of the afternoon, is Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

6. The Adler Planetarium (@adlerplanet)

Instagram: @adlerplanet

The nation's oldest public planetarium has giant sized eclipse glasses. Is there anything else you need?

7. UNIVERSE247 (@universe247)

Instagram: @universe247

A popular Instagram account featuring astrophotography, UNIVERSE247 will get you some awesome shots of the August 21 eclipse.

8. Exploratorium (@exploratorium)

Instagram: @exploratorium

San Francisco's Exploratorium has been following eclipses forever. Now, with a solar eclipse in their back yard, they are sure to have something up their sleeves.

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