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57 Great Unanswered Questions From "A Muppet Family Christmas"

"Where we come from this is small talk."

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In 1987, A Muppet Family Christmas first graced television screens. While copyright disputes have kept the special largely away from American eyes since, it remains a timeless Christmas classic.

However, A Muppet Family Christmas is not without its many egregious plot holes. Many questions are left unanswered in the 45 minute-long special, which was the only time the Muppet, Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock characters all got together.

There are a lot of questions left unanswered.

1. Is it legal to carry that many people in the back of a pick up truck?

The Jim Henson Company / Via

I mean, I get nervous when I see a couple dogs roaming around the back of a truck at slow speed in summer.

4. Why didn't Fozzie call his mother to let her know he was bringing over the whole Muppet troupe?

21. How exactly did the turkey convince the Swedish Chef that Sprocket is a turkey and not a dog?

The Jim Henson Company / Via

What's next? Even the Swedish Chef doesn't understand IKEA directions?

22. Why did Fozzie have to introduce Kermit to his mom if they are in this home movie together as babies?

The Jim Henson Company / Via

This film also puts the validity of that great documentary The Muppet Movie in doubt.

25. How was it that the entire cast of Sesame Street was randomly caroling in this remote rural place?

The Jim Henson Company / Via

They couldn't have been invited. Kermit is the only one that knows them, and he wouldn't do this to Fozzie's Mom.

26. Is this the greatest exchange in television history?

The Jim Henson Company / Via

Ernie: Oh, hi there, we’re Ernie and Bert.

Doc: Well, hi there yourself, I’m Doc.

Bert: Oh, did you know that Doc starts with the letter D?

Doc: Why, yes.

Ernie: Yes! Yes, starts with the letter Y.

Doc: True.

Ernie: And true starts with the letter T.

Doc: What is this?

Bert: Where we come from this is small talk.

29. When Oscar says it might be nice to have Rizzo in his trash can, does he mean that he would like that or not?

35. In addition, Emily claims that they come by each Christmas. Why didn't she tell them she were going to be in Malibu?

42. How did Miss Piggy manage to have a dog sled and team and a perfectly sized Royal Canadian Mounted Police costume for Doc?

The Jim Henson Company / Via

Don't give me that "She likes to make an entrance" crap, Kermit. She doesn't even know Doc.

43. Why does Kermit think he can get around this by saying that Doc "Doesn't have to explain"?

The Jim Henson Company / Via

This makes no sense. Even in the context of the story. It's totally unnecessary.

47. Is there a better song for The Count to sing lead on than I Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In)?

The Jim Henson Company / Via I Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In)

The answer is, of course, no.

57. Is this the greatest television Christmas special?

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The Jim Henson Company / Via

All signs point to yes.

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