25 Precarious Rock Formations That Your Dad Hasn’t Protected You From

Some Boy Scout leaders in Utah pushed over a 20 million-year-old rock formation in the name of safety. Thankfully, they haven’t gotten to these rocks yet.

1. Amarillo, Texas

2. Bryce Canyon, Utah

3. Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

4. Castle Hill, New Zealand

5. Cederberg, South Africa

6. Colorado Springs, Colorado

8. Digby, Nova Scotia

9. Drumheller, Alberta

10. Ellsworth, Kansas

11. Étretat, France

12. Göreme, Turkey

13. Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

14. Kangaroo Island, Australia

15. Mahajanga, Madagascar

16. Matobo, Zimbabwe

17. Omak Lake, Washington

18. Öræfi, Iceland

19. San Juan, Argentina

20. Varna, Bulgaria

21. Wadi Rum, Jordan

22. Yehliu, Taiwan

23. Yoichi, Japan

24. Yorkshire, United Kingdom

25. Zacatlán, Mexico

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