22 People Who Are Living The Dream

If only we could all be so lucky.

1. This industrious Elvis impersonator

Flickr: brockzilla / Creative Commons

Bonus points if you know what kind instrument he plays.

2. Mama June when she wants to look good

TLC / Via giphy.com

Keep doing your thing!

3. This pillow fighter

Flickr: scani / Creative Commons

4. This crab fisherman

Discovery Channel / Via giphy.com

5. These bros at Burning Man

Flickr: betaorbust / Creative Commons


6. The team dentist of your favorite hockey team

NBC Sports Network / Via weirdpittsburgh.com

How’s business?

7. These people walking the streets of New York in I Love New York T-Shirts

Flickr: yourdon / Creative Commons

8. Lil Wayne

TMZ / Via giphy.com

9. This guy who bought a $110 bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows

Oaty bits be damned. This guy is set for life and living the dream.

10. This mariachi band performing for a beluga

It doesn’t get old.

11. Guy Fieri

Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images for Rolling Stone

How could you not live the dream if you live in Flavortown, U.S.A.?

12. Lil Bub’s person

You adopt the coolest cat ever and then the two of you take the world by storm…That’s living the dream for sure.

13. This woman sporting some bacon ink

Flickr: mager / Creative Commons

They say that if you are going to get a tattoo, it should of something important to you.

14. Taylor Swift at any and all award shows

I’ll dance awkwardly in front of my chair and not care because I’m living the dream!

15. This pizza loving anarchist

Flickr: jenniferboyer / Creative Commons

Doesn’t cheese seem a bit tame?

16. Beyoncé


17. This kind gentleman rocking the sweatpants and suspenders look

Flickr: edkohler / Creative Commons

Soon to be trendy…

18. This Donald Duck costumed character meeting some actual ducks

All the feels right here.

19. The owner of this awkward BMW

Flickr: jopoe / Creative Commons

20. Joe Biden pretty much anytime he’s on camera

You know what I’m talking about, Uncle Joe.

21. This guy with a red panda shadow

Flickr: brostad / Creative Commons

Truly the best kind of shadow.

22. Bill Murray at the end of Space Jam

Warner Brothers / Via giphy.com

The best cameo ever.

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