21 Songs That Aren’t Too Subtle

Happy Valentine’s Day… or whatever.

1. Sir Mix-a-Lot, Baby Got Back

For those with a not-so-subtle sense of humor.

2. Rihanna, S&M

For that guy you know.

3. Sixpence None The Richer, Kiss Me

For the overly dramatic unconsummated high school relationship.

4. Aerosmith, Love In An Elevator

For those who happen to work in the same skyscraper as their significant other.

5. Nelly, Hot In Herre

For those who have an overactive furnace.

6. Bob Seger, We’ve Got Tonight

For those who have just about given up.

7. Jeremih, Birthday Sex

For those born on February 14th.

8. Bloodhound Gang, The Bad Touch

For those who just remembered that this song exists.

9. Rod Stewart, Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright)

For those who can only listen to soft rock.

10. R. Kelly, Bump N’ Grind

For people who are tired of It’s Cold Outside.

11. Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharrell, Blurred Lines

For those who refuse to listen to music that is more than a year old.

12. The Vaccines, Post Break-Up Sex

For those who think there’s still hope.

13. George Michael, I Want Your Sex

For those who never left the 80s.

14. Akon feat. Snoop Dogg, I Wanna Love You

For the person that you just found on Tinder.

15. Jimmy Buffett, Why Don’t We Get Drunk

For those who want to significantly lessen their chances of either getting drunk or screwing.

16. LaBelle, Lady Marmalade

Pour ceux qui pensent qu’ils peuvent parler français.

17. Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up

For those who still think it’s 2007.

18. Color Me Badd, I Wanna Sex You Up

For those who were wondering what Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake were parodying.

19. ‘N Sync, Digital Get Down

For the long distance couple that just discovered what they could do on Skype.

20. Marvin Gaye, Let’s Get It On

For those who just want to put on an old dusty vinyl and see what happens.

21. Divinyls, I Touch Myself

For anyone anywhere anytime.

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