16 Reasons You Should Get Out Into The Country This Fall

You may think heading to the woods and looking at trees is an activity reserved for someone older than you. You, of course, would be incorrect.

1. All of the assorted maple products that you can eat

2. Your dog will love it

3. Your cats will be fine with it

4. And, obviously, your pet gorilla is down

5. You can pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch

6. Three words: Apple Cider Donuts

7. While you’re at it, pick yourself some apples

8. Fresh fall air

9. You can put on your favorite sweater for the first time

10. You are no doubt going to be hiking, so you can get up close with nature - hiking is often awesome

11. You can wear your sweet boots again, they have missed you this summer!

12. Taking a little trip is good for your health

Oh and there is also…

13. Awesome views of beautiful trees

What you waiting for?

Get in your car

Jump in a train

Get on a plane

And Go Peep Some Leaves!

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