16 Kingfishers That Just Want You To Be Their Friends

Fly away with me.

1. “Want to hangout this weekend?”

2. “No? Okay. Well how about another weekend?”

3. “I’ll make dinner.”

4. “That would make you uncomfortable? Why?”

5. “Come on, I’m like the corgi of birds.”

6. “Please, I’m not hitting on you.”

7. “I just want to be friends; that’s all.”

8. “Do you want to be more than friends?”

9. “I see.”

10. “You don’t think we have anything in common?”

11. “Well, we could always go bowling. Do you like bowling?”

12. “You could join my photography class.”

13. “You like fish, don’t you?”

14. “Maybe I will stick with my old friends. They aren’t so judgmental.”

15. “I’m to fabulous for you anyways.”

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