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15 Signs Spring Has Sprung On Social Media

'Tis the season for half marathons.

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1. All of your friends are now long-distance runners

ditabuwhereru / Via

5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Whole Marathon? What ever happened to a leisurely stroll through the park?

3. There will be a lot of pastel pride

samanthastaten / Via

Shirts, nails, hair, shorts, fashion statements of all kinds showing your #PastelPride.


5. Baseball is back and your sport fan friends are all optimistic

douglaswray / Via

Even Cubs fans have hope!


8. Politicians will be making their final pushes before their respective primaries

candacekaru / Via

11. There will be bachelor, bachelorette, engagement and wedding photos all over

ashleyelizabethm / Via

Welcome to wedding season.

12. There will be pictures of flowers, lots of pictures of flowers

dirtydeedssoaps / Via
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