15 Signs Spring Has Sprung On Social Media

‘Tis the season for half marathons.

1. All of your friends are now long-distance runners

ditabuwhereru / Via instagram.com

5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Whole Marathon? What ever happened to a leisurely stroll through the park?

2. Images of pretty blooming trees are as plentiful as your sneezes from said trees

3. There will be a lot of pastel pride

samanthastaten / Via instagram.com

Shirts, nails, hair, shorts, fashion statements of all kinds showing your #PastelPride.

4. There will be more than a few people complaining about allergies

5. Baseball is back and your sport fan friends are all optimistic

douglaswray / Via instagram.com

Even Cubs fans have hope!

6. Speaking of sports, with playoffs on the horizon, basketball memes will be plentiful

7. They’ll probably be hockey memes, too

8. Politicians will be making their final pushes before their respective primaries

candacekaru / Via instagram.com

9. Everyone will be posting about doing their favorite summertime activities

Whether they do the activities again while it’s still warm is an open question

10. Coincidentally, there will be those desperately looking for an activity partner

11. There will be bachelor, bachelorette, engagement and wedding photos all over

ashleyelizabethm / Via instagram.com

Welcome to wedding season.

12. There will be pictures of flowers, lots of pictures of flowers

dirtydeedssoaps / Via instagram.com

13. That guy you knew from college who moved to New Zealand will be making a big deal about it being autumn

You never liked that guy anyways.

14. And your friends up north will just be bitter

It’s a hard knock life…

15. But generally everyone will be excited for winter to be over

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