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    Posted on Oct 22, 2013

    15 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad In Budapest

    Budapest hívja. Válaszolsz?

    1. You Need To Eat Chicken Paprikash

    2. You must try Unicum


    Once is enough

    3. Trying to pronounce things in Hungarian is fun

    4. Hungary is not yet on the Euro

    Via Flickr: nexus_icon

    Make it rain Forints, you budget conscious students!

    5. Getting coffee doesn't mean Starbucks


    The New York Cafe

    6. Everyone you know studying in Europe will want to come visit


    "I've heard Budapest is cheap. Can I come visit?"

    7. Beautiful public baths call your name


    Gellert Baths


    Széchenyi Bath

    8. In general, Budapest is a beautiful city


    9. Seeing an Opera (or several) is both inexpensive and epic

    10. You will probably see a movie being made


    Budapest is often used as a filming site for movies that take place in other European cities where it can be more expensive to shoot.

    11. On the weekend, you could visit Szobaban Memento Park


    It's where many of the old communist statues were put after that government fell

    12. You could take a trip to Lake Balaton

    13. All of the museums are super cheap to enter


    14. You can ride the super cute yellow subway line


    It's the oldest subway in the European mainland

    15. You want to be able to say this and actually mean it

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