15 Photographs That Will Make Your Inner Theater Kid Smile

Deny thy office job and refuse thy secure career path.

1. Paramount Theater

Denver, Colorado

2. Fox Theater

St Louis, Missouri

3. Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti

Modena, Italy

4. Stavovské divadlo

Prague, Czech Republic

5. Burning Coal Theatre

Raleigh, North Carolina

6. Wuxi Grand Theatre

Wuxi, China

7. The Stanley Center for the Arts

Utica, New York

8. Vígszínház

Budapest, Hungary

9. The Metropolitan Opera House

New York, New York

10. Theatre of Epidaurus

Epidaurus, Greece

11. The Hillman Center for Performing Arts

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

12. Wiener Staatsoper

Vienna, Austria

13. The Globe Theatre

London, United Kingdom

14. The Los Angeles Theatre Center

Los Angeles, California

15. Theatre Royal

Brighton, United Kingdom

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