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    15 Of The Most Insane Airbnb Rental Listings

    Time to put in for some vacation time.

    1. "UNESCO Sea & Mountain View Studio 3"

    2. "Igloo"

    3. "Tree House Shimla"

    4. "Unique Artist Mirrored House"

    5. "Amazing View - Moderne Apartment"

    6. "Nature Bungalow @ Elephant Camp"

    7. "Enchanted View Bed & Breakfast Inn"

    8. "Amazing View from 42nd Floor Studio"

    9. "Floating Home B&B in Yellowknife"

    10. "Home Stay En Cusco Carlos Y Jackie"

    11. "B&B Accommodation in Isle of Man"

    12. "Tahiti from the Sky"

    13. "House Bye the Sognefjord"

    14. "Malawi - African Dream Lake House"

    15. "Little Yellow Victorian B & B"

    Excuse me, I'll be back shortly