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    12 Reasons Why Puffins Are The Best Birds On Earth

    They are the Clowns of the Sea so obviously they deserve some consideration.

    1. They look kind of like flying penguins

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    They may not be closely related to penguins, but they can both fly and swim. This is a significant improvement.

    2. Puffins feed almost entirely on fish

    Robert F. Bukaty, file / AP

    An adult puffin will eat as much as 40 fish per day. Take that Joey Chestnut!

    3. Puffins live in colonies

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    With most birds, you only see one or two at a time, but not puffins!

    4. Cliffs? Puffin don't care!


    Try and do this, honey badger.

    5. They inspired this great 'No Smoking' pun


    We'll keep the actual puffin though, because they are the best bird ever.

    6. They come in multiple species

    Steve Ringman/Seattle Times/MCT

    This is a Tufted Puffin.

    Robert F. Bukaty / AP

    This is an Atlantic Puffin (also known as a Common Puffin)


    And this one is a Horned Puffin

    7. Cute babies (obviously)

    National Aquarium / AP

    8. Their call sounds like a chainsaw

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    9. They know how to really strike a pose

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    10. They look great in black and white

    Central Press / Getty Images

    11. Webbed feet!

    Robert F. Bukaty / AP

    All of the best birds have webbed feet.

    12. They are really cute!

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    The Clowns of the Sea!

    Case Closed

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