11 Reasons Wearing Socks With Sandals Is Actually A Good Idea


1. Socks and sandals are the definition of cool.

2. You can rock the socks and sandals look with any outfit.

3. It totally is the look you want when you are waiting for the bus.

4. And how else would you recreate Risky Business on a boat?

5. They are truly the ideal footwear for walking upon lava flows.

6. Of course, socks and sandals are awesome with friends.

7. It’s perfect when you want to wear sandals and shorts, but the weather isn’t cooperating.

8. And socks with sandals are perfect for your next tour of Southeast Asia.

9. It’s the best look for when you want to go to the beach but don’t like the feeling of sand between your toes.

10. Or, if you really want to make a statement, you could mix and match your socks and people will be sure to notice.

11. And how else can you be smug about the fact that you are wearing toe socks?

The answer is that there is no other way.

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