10 Reasons To Visit The Zoo That Have Little To Do With The Animals

Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo

1. There will be plenty of signs with great puns.

Hooray, puns!

2. You could get a great stuffed animal for your niece or nephew.

… Or for yourself.

3. Simon and Garfunkel said that it was all happening there.

You always do what pop musicians of the 1960s say

4. You might get lucky and see this awesome training exercise.

Because nothing says you might be in danger like a person in a cartoon tiger costume.

5. You could get some exercise walking around the park.

Don’t forget to bring a towel!

6. There will be the option to get a gloriously large soda.

And you can keep the cup — a panda cup!!


7. Of course, there will be ample opportunities to photobomb some random people.

Where there are cameras, there will be photobombing.

8. You can probably take a carousel ride on the back of something cool.

You might not be able to ride a manatee in the wild, but you can on the zoo carousel.

9. When it’s cold outside, visiting the tropical exhibit is cheaper than a vacation to the tropics.

Or when it’s hot, you can visit the arctic exhibits.

10. You will probably see a kid on a leash.


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