10 Questions East Asian Studies Majors Are Tired Of Answering

Yeah, that’s right East Asian Studies. It’s a major; look it up!

1. You Study What?

The Culture of East Asia. Haven’t heard of it? Makes Sense — Only 1.5 billion people live there.

2. Can You Order For Me?

Every time you go out for any kind of East Asian foods.

3. Do You Want To Go To The Anime Convention?

4. Why Don’t You Major In Something Legitimate?

I’m sorry, but aren’t you an English Major?

5. Why don’t you say something in Chinese/Japanese/Korean?

6. Sake Bomb?


7. When Is China Taking Over?

Depends on how you define taking over.

8. What Do You Think About Psy?

This answer may be longer than anticipated.

9. Do You Have a Thing For Asians?

No Comment…

10. What Are You Going To Do For A Career?

Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Well, Secretary of the Treasury is always an option. Better question is what are you going to do for a career.

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