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10 Halls Of Fame That Somebody Should Establish

Because the world obviously needs more halls of fame.

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1. Beer

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Where it could be: Munich, Germany; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Brussels, Belgium; Dublin, Ireland

The International Beer Hall of Fame would celebrate the art of brewing and beer making while enshrining the most important beers and brewers in history.

What might be enshrined first: Bass Ale, Guinness Stout, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schneider Weisse, Miller High Life

2. Celebrity Chefs

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Where it could be: New York, New York

The celebrity chef has become such an important part of television entertainment, the profession deserves its own hall of fame and museum. The trick would be making sure that Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and Guy Fieri are barred from eligibility.

Who might be enshrined first: Julia Child, Emeril Lagasse, Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain

3. Tribute Bands


Where it could be: Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Branson, Missouri

Once the band you represent makes it into the hall of fame for its respective musical genre, you can compete -- battle of the bands style -- to be the tribute band representing them in the Tribute Band Hall of Fame.

Who might be enshrined first: Mini-Kiss, Nearvana


4. Skee Ball

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Where it could be: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cape May, New Jersey; Santa Cruz, California

There are actually Skee ball competitions out there, but presumably anyone to hit the 50 point hole more than three times in a row would be eligible to enter the Skee Ball Hall.

Who might be enshrined first: The annoying kid that was at the arcade last weekend that stole all of your hard-earned tickets.

h/t: Lili Salzberg

5. Reality Television


Where it could be: Los Angeles, California; The Original Survivor Island; Any of the Former Real World houses

Where do reality TV shows go once they have finally had their last marathon? The International Reality Television Hall of Fame of course.

What might be enshrined first: Road Rules, The Real World, Survivor, This Old House

6. Internet Cats

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Where it could be: Minneapolis, Minnesota; Tokyo, Japan

Was the Internet made for cats or where cats made for the Internet? This and other important questions will be addressed at the Internet Cat Hall of Fame and Museum.

Who might be enshrined first: Lil Bub, Tardar Sauce, Maru

7. Karaoke Songs

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Where it could be: Kobe, Japan

At the International Karaoke Songs Hall of Fame and Museum, the most important karaoke ballads would be given the recognition they truly deserve.

What could be enshrined first: Hero by Enrique Iglesias, You're the One That I Want by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys, Pour Some Sugar On Me be Def Leppard

8. Weather People / Meteorologists

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Where it could be: Atlanta, Georgia; Caribou, Maine; Mount Washington, New Hampshire; On the beach during a hurricane

Meteorologists put their lives on the line for us. They need a place where they can be honored for the sacrifices they make for our well being/entertainment.

Who could be enshrined first: Jim Cantore, Joe DiNardo, Al Roker, Punxsutawney Phil

9. One-Hit Wonders

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Where it could be: Detroit, Michigan; New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; Reno, Nevada

For many, getting one hit on the charts leads to an entire career full of mediocre reality television appearances and concerts at small venues in small cities. Those people need a hall of fame to celebrate their unique mark on society.

Who could be enshrined first: The Baha Men, Vanilla Ice, Dexys Midnight Runners, a-ha

10. Muggle Quidditch

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Where it could be: Middlebury, Vermont

It's about time this most liberal arts college sport gets the recognition it deserves. The International Muggle Quidditch Hall of Fame and Museum would look at the sport's origins and greatest players from its founding until today. Muggle Quidditch is probably the only sport currently contested without a hall of fame.

Who could be enshrined first: That guy you hooked up with once

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