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    10 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" GIFs That Perfectly Describe Dungeons And Dragons Games

    While each game is different, there's some pretty universal situations that all DnD parties have dealt with.

    1. When the GM is also happy that the party's stupid plan worked:

    2. When the Rogue is scouting ahead, but you can't forget that they stole from you last rest:

    3. When the party is sick of the Bard hitting on every NPC:

    4. When the party is camping in unfamiliar territory, and no one wants to take watch:

    5. When you're considering multiclassing after a new book came out:

    6. When only one party member hasn't resisted an illusion spell:

    7. When the Bard wants to do anything other than use Bardic Performance in combat:

    8. When the party's plan backfires and helps the big bad:

    9. When the party discovers the king of the land they've been helping is the real villain:

    10. And when the Paladin has to justify putting up with the Rogue stealing from every temple they come across: