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The Adpocalypse

Why Youtube content creators are struggling.`

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What is it?

For the first few years of its existence, Youtube was almost an uninhibited content creation platform that allowed creators to create content that would be constantly monetized without worry. It's one of the aspects of Youtube that has allowed it to flourish over other platforms; a person can make a living doing just about anything. However, in the past couple years the Youtuber adpocalypse has given content creators cause for concern. The adpocalypse is a term for a recent decrease in ad requests and increased restriction on what content can be monetized, for a number of reasons.

How did it start?

The adpocalypse first started when Islamic terrorist groups began uploading and monetizing videos promoting terrorism. The give obvious reason for concern for companies looking to advertise, who wouldn't want their brand associated with terrorism or related causes. Content creators took another hit to ad revenue when Pewdiepie, the most subscribed creator on Youtube, made a video where people were paid to hold, "Death to all Jews" signs. Even though he claimed it was created in satire, Youtube began to clamp down on restrictions for what videos will be regulated, creating a machne that seems to automatically demontize videos based on certain keywords

What's the problem?

Normally, restrictions on advertising for certain content would make sense. Harmful videos should be restricted/demonetized for obvious reasons, but in recent weeks, there seems to have been an increase in the number of videos that creators are having demonetized, and there isn't always an obvious reason why. Youtube has begun automatically demonetizing videos which contain excessive language, but other creators like gamers, gun reviewers, and historians are having videos demontized without much explanation why.

How to fix it.

The biggest issue with the recent increase in ad restriction is that youtube has had little to no communication with content creators about why certain videos are being demonetized and it is creating increasing frustration among the youtuber community. While videos that have received over 1000 views in the last week can have their demonetization appealed, videos are typically not remonetized very quickly, which means creators miss out on the time when they are most likely to receive their peak views. Simple communication with creators from youtube administrators would be an easy solution, so that content creators who are creating legitimately harmless content can be clear on what they need to avoid in order to maintain monetization.

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