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Dagnerous Channels

Dangerous channels targeting children have recently been subject to Youtube takedown.

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Toy Freaks

Popular Youtube channel Toy Freaks was recently taken down by Youtube for content aimed at children, that was creepy and at times even abusive. The channel was run by a father known as "freaky daddy" who does different pranks on his two daughters that often put them in painful or uncomfortable situations. A number of the videos made their way through to the Youtube Kids platform, proving to be potentially dangerous content for young viewers. The channel, which had 8.5 million subscribers, can no longer be found and now in its place stands a message that says that the channel was removed for violating Youtube's terms of service. This action by Youtube is just another example of how they are working to create a system that simultaneously protects consumers while creating a platform that content creators can freely put out and monetize their content without having to worry about constant demonetization.

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