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    • draked2

      I’m not really sure where to begin on this one other than to say that I’m appalled that these are the kind of people that are allowed to haveapublic voice in our country. First of all, she states 2/3 of Americans as being overweight, when in reality the number is actually 33% (which, granted, is still high). But let’s just assume that this isagross over-exaggeration oramisrepresentation of fact and was not intentional. The concerning part of this, for me, is that we have reached suchalevel of bipartisan hatred and tension that people are going so far as to say that “partyXis full of fat people, therefore the people of partyYhave to pay for them to havealimb removed because they’re so fat.” Also, the implication that to eatadonut makesaperson so severely overweight that they lose limbs is preposterous in itself. Sorry ma’am, butIlike my donuts and my soda, but I’d be willing to be my BMI is still lower than yours. (Also, for the record,Iam neitheraRepublican oraDemocrat and find the two parties equally repulsive).

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