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    • DragonsBreath

      I definitely have a problem with this law and always have. Whether it be in a male-female, male-male, or female-female relationship. Kids that are 18 are just that, kids. I’m only 22 and I have matured a LOT over the last 4 years. At 18 you are still in high school, still dependent on your parents, and still have yet to experience independence at a significant level. Additionally, the STATE puts 18 year olds together in a school with 14 year olds. It is completely unfair for a relationship to be an expected and legal relationship with a classmate one day and then an illegal case of statutory rape between classmates the next day. If the state doesn’t want students to form bonds with each other, don’t put them in the same school. Honestly I think Jr. Highs where kids don’t join high school until they are 15 is a great idea. Teenagers are unstable, hormonal, and don’t think things through. Yes, they are intelligent, but they just don’t have the life experience yet.

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