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10 Reasons You Should Let Weekly Fantasy Football Into Your Life

The future is here, and it is glorious. When it comes to weekly fantasy football, nobody does it better than DraftKings. Sign up for DraftKings and enjoy fantasy football all over again.

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1. With weekly fantasy football, you don't have to worry about injuries.


Like how your top wide receiver tears his ACL in the preseason right after your draft. FML.

2. You can buy in for practically any amount of money. There are even free options.

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Don't get bogged down by whatever your friends want to spend.

3. The prizes are WAY bigger.


You can literally become a millionaire from it.

4. Player salaries don't change once they're set.

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So if there's a weekly roster development, you can go bargain hunting.

5. You're not handcuffed to the players you liked in preseason.

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Don't make a meaningless preseason the most meaningful part of your season.

6. You don't have to hound your friends to pay their entry fees for the entirety of football season.


It's all you, baby.

7. You can actually use your knowledge of football to win money.

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What a crazy concept, right?

8. You don't have to deal with a four-hour draft day.

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Build your roster on your own time, without watching your friends labor over an 11th round pick.

9. No more awful trade offers from your co-workers.

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Free your inbox from the tyranny of junk trades.

10. And if you really like a player, you can ACTUALLY get him.


You can finally build the roster of your dreams.

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