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    How Much Do You Know About Def Leppard's Hysteria?

    Keep calm, take this quiz, and pour some sugar on me

    1. How many times is the word “love” mentioned on the Hysteria album?

    2. What 1989 American Music Award did Def Leppard NOT win for Hysteria?

    3. How much money was spent making Hysteria?

    4. How many hit singles did “Hysteria” have?

    5. What is the title of the book that was released right after the album, published by Def Leppard?

    6. Which songwriter was brought in to help with the album, but later didn’t work out?

    7. How many weeks did it spend in the US top 40?

    8. What kind of amplifier were all the guitars on the album recorded on?

    9. What genre was “Pour Some Sugar On Me” inspired from?

    10. What was the name of Phil Collen’s guitair he used on Hysteria?

    11. Which classic rock star rode through the crowd in a laundry basket during the Hysteria World Tour?

    12. Who is the artist of the Hysteria album cover?

    13. What was the album “Hysteria” originally going to be called?

    14. Which band member got the mumps recording “Hysteria”?

    15. Which song was Joe Elliott playing when he jumped off the riser and injured his back on the Hysteria World Tour?

    16. Which famous artist was the inspiration for how successful the band wanted “Hysteria” to be?

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