Everything You Should Know About "RRR" —The Movie That You Need Right Now

    "It's an unapologetic relationship between two friends" —S. S. Rajamouli

    To paraphrase The Dark Knight, S. S. Rajamouli's RRR may not be the movie we deserve, but it's the movie we need right now!

    Ram is bathed in red fire and Bheem is splashed with blue water

    With so many remakes, sequels, and rehashes out there, RRR is a refreshing palate cleanser for film goers eager for something original. RRR is an epic Indian action drama film, featuring two revolutionaries, their friendship, and their fight against the oppressive British Raj in the 1920s.

    Bheem and Ram stand steadfast

    I attended a Q&A event with brilliant director S. S. Rajamouli, and when asked what he would want the American viewing audience to know about RRR...

    S.S. Rajamouli stands between two gold canons

    ...he thought for a bit, then replied, "It is an unapologetic relationship between two friends."

    Ram and Bheem are held up by a crowd of people

    RRR is many things, but "unapologetic" may be the best word to describe this insane movie. RRR pulls no punches. In what other film do you get a historical fiction bromance, public floggings, government overthrow, man vs. tiger, and…it’s also a musical?

    Ram flies through the air toward an oncoming tiger

    Well, that is the outrageous, heartfelt, explosively great cinematic experience that is RRR! If you are not familiar with the film, or you already love it like me and just want to know more, keep reading for all the behind the scenes info you need right now.

    Ram shoots an arrow through a circle of flames

    There aren't really spoilers ahead, but even if there are, nothing will compare to watching the 3-hour film anyway. Preferably in a theater with an audience, you won't regret it.

    Bheem carries Ram so he can fire two rifles

    1. So, what does the title RRR mean anyway?

    The embossed title RRR appears over a sea of stars

    2. The characters are based on actual Indian freedom fighters.

    Ram stands with a torch and Bheem stands with a hose spirting water.

    3. Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds helped inspire the film.

    4. RRR is the most expensive Indian movie ever made.

    Bheem jumps out of a vehicle alongside a dozen wild animals

    5. RRR broke the record for the highest opening-day box office.

    Bheem and Ram swing over fire to save a boys life

    6. The director thought of the dance scene like an action sequence.

    Bheem and Ram dance in unison, kicking up dirt

    7. Some of the film was shot in Ukraine, though they were on the brink of war.

    Bheem and Ram dance on the red carpet in front of the palace.

    8. How can these characters survive such outrageous events?

    Bheem faces off with a roaring tiger.

    9. The musical score is "east meets west."

    A first of fire and fist of water play tug-of-war

    10. It took over 300 days to complete filming.

    11. American audiences might recognize some familiar faces.

    Allison Doody and Ray Stevenson

    12. Bruce Lee is Rajamouli’s greatest influence.

    Bruce Lee stands ready to fight

    13. Social media helped the movie explode in the USA.

    14. RRR is heading into awards season.

    Alluri Sitarama Raju holds up a bullet

    15. There is a sequel in the works.

    Ram, Sita and Bheem show us their muscle pose.

    We have barely scratched the surface, but that should be enough to pique your interest about RRR for now.

    Bheem jumps out of the water with spear

    This is one of the few MUST-watch movies of 2022. I highly recommend you see it on the big screen, but since screenings may be hard to find in your area, thankfully, it is streaming on Netflix. Watch it loud and preferably with a friend.

    Ram carries Bheem on his back