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    • dpilk

      I’m getting irritated by all of the women defending sororities b/c of the friendships and sisterhood and service. Give me a f^%king break! They love their sisters and found value in these relationships and professional networks, blah blah. And for that they’re willing to put up with stupid, oppressive rules that value the most irrelevant qualities one can possess. So, guess what? I and many others got all of the benefits of sisterhood, community, belonging, fun, and a lifelong network by - this is going to sound radical - by making FRIENDS the regular way! I love my friends, had a blast, felt completely supported, and still have these friends today. We help each other personally, professionally, socially, etc. And no one told me wtf to wear, unless I ASKED for advice! Shesh! Also in today’s world of social media (professional and personal), no one needs sororities or frats for networking. It’s never been easier to network. Sororities and frats by definition exclude people and dictate. It’s a weirdly artificial structure with no benefit that a person can’t get from making good friends.

    • dpilk

      jennifer — genuine, adorable.iloved her comment “i needarear view mirror.” but jack hitting “that” — ah, sorry, he’s jack and all, but gross. thankfully, george clooney has replaced the disgusting jack nicholsoon as the most famous male movie star. in spite of jack’s accomplished career, he comes across as pervy, making any kind of sexual or romantic comment to someone as young as jennifer. it’s plain creepy, inapedo kind of way. makes me cringe. yuck. why couldn’t he just compliment her work? i’m sure that jennifer would be thrilled to have her work noticed by an acting legend, but leave the creepiness out of it, jack. ‘nuf said.

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