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Less Shopping More Bonding

Why you should pass up on Thanksgiving Day shopping

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We all hear the cliche phrase that Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks for the people we care about and whom are most important to us. But I find that it is becoming more common that people are looking past the importance of this holiday and why we should celebrate it. Things such as shopping on Thanksgiving, leaving early to go wait in line at a store are slowly becoming a trend in our community. I think that we can all say we are guilty of neglecting to spend quality time with our family and friends because we are exhausted when we get home from work or school. It's understandable that we want our "alone" time to just shut down and relax. With that being said, we tend to overlook days such as Thanksgiving because we take it for granted because year after year, we eat more food than our bodies can handle and then take a glorious nap. But there are more and more people skipping out on these family dinner conversation and substituting it with time being spent at the mall or waiting in line for stores to open. Yah it is nice to get 35% off a 60" flat screen TV but those things will always come and go. However, Ive noticed that as we get older there are more things that are thrown into our lives that causes us to become even more busy and stray away from whats been important to us from day one, our family. Stores are slowly making there contribution to this idea and closing down on Thanksgiving. If people see that stores are closing on Thanksgiving then they are limited to the options they can shop at. If more stores collective agree to close down on this holiday, the public will acknowledge that Thanksgiving should be spent at home and not at the mall.

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