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Which Member Of Yellow Group Are You?

Are you the human meme, reserved yet relatable, the giant lesbian, or are you just ethnic? Find out by taking this quiz!

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  1. 1. Are you THICC?

    Yes (this is the right answer)
    No (you're probably not in Yellow)
  2. 2. Pick a lyric that speaks to you.

    "For your eyes only, only for you"
    "You just have to touch mah cup ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
    "Who can I turn to if you turn away???"
    "Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars"
    "Did you see his shoulders?"
    "When I go swimming I am always dressed in style cause I go swimming wearing just a great big smile"
    "I feeeeel youuuu"
    "I'll boost you up yours"
    "Fanny fannyyyyyy"
    "I’m afraid the MASQUERADEEEE is over"
    "Autumn, it feels like autumn"
    "What's going ON here?"
    "When little things grow"
    "He's not so good in a crowd but when you get him alone... you'd be surprised"
  3. 3. What would you do if your professor suddenly gave your class the silent treatment?

    Be shook.
    Confront him.
    Start doing your vocal warm ups.
    Keep doing the work.
    Bike across the country. Grow a beard. Find Jesus.
    Not show up out of fear.
    Tell people not to talk to him.
  4. 4. What's your typical lunch?

    Anything gluten-free/healthy
    Whatever is at Downstein
    A wrap from Upstein
    Something vegetarian.
    I don't eat lunch.
  5. 5. What do you do before Vocal Performance?

    Warm up during the entire 40 minute break.
    Warm up for 10-15 minutes.
    Whistle tones in the stairwell.
    Belt in the stairwell.
    Run to go get your props for Acting.
    Play Super Smash Bros.
    Go on Twitter.
    Go over your song 15 times.
    Furiously clear your throat, down 2 bottles of water, repeat
    Do everything possible to make sure you don't have to go up today.
    Write your lyrics on the inside of your hand.
  6. 6. How good are you at music theory?

    I'm amazing, I don't know why I'm in Yellow.
    I'm decent.
    I know nothing, why am I in Yellow.
  7. 7. What are you primarily?

  8. 8. What does your Saturday night look like?

    Broadway/Off Broadway/Off Off Broadway shows!!!
    Messy partying and taking Ls
    The GYM
    Drinking in a dorm.
    Watching movies until 2am and passing out.
    A food pyramid.
    Assistant stage managing an upperclassmen project.
    Partying at Columbia.
    I wouldn't remember.
    Looking for a McDonald's with a working ice cream machine.
    Out with my sorority.
    Scoping for the D.
  9. 9. Which bee do you identify with the most?

  10. 10. Are you "ethnic"?

    I’m Jewish.
    I'm half Jewish.
    I'm 1/4 Mexican.
    Some people think I'm Puerto Rican.
    I am The Whitest™.
    I'm 1/8th Serbian (so no).
  11. 11. Which iPhone app are you?

    Nike Training
    I don't have an iPhone.
  12. 12. Do you believe in studiocest?

    Maybe with the upperclassmen.
    All premarital sex is sin.
    Only with Ben Wang.
    I'm in love with a gay senior in NSB.
    I don't date theatre people.
  13. 13. What is your iconic studio look?

    My Phantom of the Opera sweatshirt
    Anything with a turtleneck
    Muscle tees
    A despicable cardigan
    Any beanie/hat (to cover my hair)
    Baggy bottoms
    A black t-shirt with a grey coat
    A koala onesie
    Something sexy
    Funky socks
    ANYTHING designer
    French braids
    A button down shirt
    I work at Urban Outfitters.
  14. 14. What's your catchphrase?

    "I'm in Pi Phi!"
    "I'm gonna slit my throat."
    "I love everyone! I love NYU!! I love life!!!"
    "Thanks dad"
    *leaves Snapchat group*
    "Today's been a day"
    *anything sexy*
    "I'm from Michigan! *points at hand*"
    No time for catchphrases, do The Work.
  15. 15. Where would you want to go for spring break?

    Puerto Rico
    Los Angeles
    I'd stay in the city! #peace #love #nyc
    A real college
    Gotham City
    Anywhere but here.
    Away from everyone.
    Kenneth's house
    I dunno, I'm too high.
    A goddamn cabbage patch.

Which Member Of Yellow Group Are You?

You got: Ashley

Congratulations, you are Ashley! Relationship status=messy (you go for cute dorky string bean men). You often trip on your own two feet, but at least your outfits are always funky cute (with lots and lots of stripes). Kenneth loves you even if you are very bad at buying props. You are basically the human meme of yellow with all of your meme songs. You can always be found at Downstein even though you live at Brittany.

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You got: Ben

Congratulations, you are Ben! You are very quiet but extremely funny when you do talk. Everyone loves you (especially Jazmin), like you could breathe and everyone would be like “YAS.” Also you are the best at music theory in our class, but please don’t move up, we’d miss you too much. If you’re ever too tired for studio, just slip a red button-down on a sack of yukon potatoes and ship that sucker to 721 Broadway. Dawn-Elin won’t even know the difference.

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You got: Brandon

Congratulations, you are Brandon! You might be new to yellow but your preppy outfits and high belting make you unmissable (you literally take everything up). You can’t pronounce “Jesus” right but Chelsea likes you anyways. You never have a single hair out of place, and you have very nice teeth. You probably belong on the Upper West Side and not the Village.

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You got: Diego

Congratulations, you are Diego! You have a great sense of humor, hate conflict, and are always having an existential crisis, but it’s cool because you have a voice that sounds like warm, melting nutella (even if no one outside of yellow knows it). You might get mistaken for a delivery boy sometimes, but you still stand out because of your cynicism and ethnic ambiguity. Ray thinks you’re the “cutest thing ever.” You are made of flecks of light….. and dark. You know every episode of Spongebob by heart. If you were a spice, you’d be red chili flakes (probably just because you’re Puerto Rican).

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You got: Emily

Congratulations, you are Emily! Our own rock star (aka our Woman in the Moon), you are always fierce and sexy and ready to go. Your belt could reach all the way from Tisch to UHall, and your highlight could light the way. You are great at sight singing and riffing. A+ interaction during vocal performance; you always get everyone to jam with you.

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You got: Jazmin

Congratulations, you are Jazmin! You are a wannabee Puerto Rican with a naughty flair who prays daily at her Dawn Elin shrine when she’s not partying at Columbia. You got that thicc booty and hair (imagine if Christine Daae was thicc), and can sing basically any style of music. You are the meme god of yellow, and your hip hop moves are killer (especially that split twerk). Please never stop doing you, you beautiful roast chicken.

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You got: Joshua

Congratulations, you are Joshua! You like to pretend you know a lot about hip hop music when in reality, you’re just ashamed of how atrociously white you are. Your curls should be in Pantene commercials, you’re a great dancer, and you have the best special skills in yellow. We’re sorry we still make fun of you after you didn’t know “Johanna” was about sex. Most likely to fall asleep in class. Ardent flapper of arms. Take flight, baby bird. Take. Flight.

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You got: Kathleen

Congratulations, you are Kathleen (KATHQUEEN)! You are definitely the funniest member of yellow, if not the funniest person in NSB. You are an insanely good actress, which comes in handy whenever teachers walk into studio and you have to pretend like you weren’t just performing an ironic dance break in its full glory in front of the entire group. Sometimes you are mistaken for men. There are a lot of rumors about you being a giant stoner or a giant lesbian. Most likely to get mad if you take her low solo. Worst luck with roommates.

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You got: Maya

Congratulations, you are Maya! You might be the worst sight singer, but you kinda know Lin Miranda. You are a great dancer and a cuddle whore. You have a lot of love for people and life, and you cry a lot (#pisces). You are a little too obsessed with Great Comet (please stop waking up at 4 am to rush it). Almost as pure as Byron (probably Byron’s secret child). People think you have your shit together because occasionally you turn in your practice logs. Most likely to fall in love with (gay) seniors and most likely to make people go to small group rehearsal. Also #WOKE.

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You got: Ray

Congratulations, you are Ray! You are incredibly intense and passionate and high energy and sometimes make curt comments during music theory. You are known for your 130% commitment to your vocal performance switcheroo song (most likely to rip shirt off without warning). TBH you are probably at the gym right now. You are everyone’s personal trainer. You love batman a little too much. You always GO THERE. Marlon Brando wannabe. A little too good at fake punching.

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You got: Richie

Congratulations, you are Richie! You are the whitest white boy in the world, but oh man are you funny. You probably also get a little too crazy at the parties you throw weekly. #tischkingrichie. You’re also the biggest flirt, but have a big heart. Please stop with the studiocest though. Howard thinks you should take your song down, but your tenor soul just can’t do it. You are probably broke because you see way too many Broadway shows. Lover of Philly cheese steaks, Star Wars, and classy weekday drinking.

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You got: Riley

Congratulations, you are Riley! You can out sight sing nearly everyone in yellow, and you always rep your home state (Michigan!!!). Your subs might think you're a dude, but that's okay because at least the work was good. You are the D Major key expert of yellow. Most likely to have been a tattoo artist in another life. You hate anything having to do with nausea. You always wear Bob’s Burgers t-shirts and ripped jeans (they are seriously SO ripped. Have you tried shorts?)

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You got: Hannah

Congratulations, you are Hannah! We love having you in yellow, but with those music skills you should probably be in blue. You are so cute, especially in your vocal performance song. Standing next to you would make someone smarter by osmosis. You are also a huge nerd, and love Doctor Who and Supernatural and all of that stuff. You also might be an ex-Mormon.

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You got: Tessa

Congratulations, you are Tessa! Although some people in the other groups might not know you’re in NSB, we know you are a very important member of yellow. With your super healthy lifestyle and your sorority, people might expect you to be uptight, but you are the most chill person in yellow. You rarely wear makeup, but when you do, best bet at least one person will tell you “Wow! You actually look nice!” You make the best faces in small group and in sight singing, fosho. Work hard, play hard, and grandma it out on the weekends. Prettiest handwriting in Tisch. Quinoa.

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You got: Sam

Congratulations, you are Sam! All of the professors love you, but why wouldn’t they? Your voice is like fine honey being poured from a chalice. Every weekend you make a new mistake but that's okay! We love you and all your messiness. You're either wearing a turtleneck b/c you have hella hickies or just because they’re your fav statement piece. Kenneth will roast you till the end of time but you will still love and worship him. Exists in a constant state of shook. Most likely to not have her vocal performance song memorized.

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