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15 Amazing Benefits Of Dating Someone

Cuddling, sharing, and happiness! Relationships are so cozy. Get even cozier with Downy.

1. By default, you always have someone to do things with.

Zave Smith / Getty Images

2. And you can communicate using special eye-code when other people are around.

Robert Deutschman / Getty Images

3. You get honest (read: invested) fashion advice.

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4. And like, you finally have someone to make your choreographed dreams come true.

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5. Sofa time is accompanied by hi-tech foot-warming technology.

Jordan Shavarebi

6. There's also the sweet, sweet relief of a simple hand-holding sesh.

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7. You see a SIGNIFICANT improvement in meals...

Westend61 / Getty Images

And finally someone will appreciate your smooth moves in the kitchen.

8. ...and twice the manpower for cleaning up (and other boring chores)!

Flying Colours / Getty Images

9. Let's not forget: Joint. Streaming. Accounts.

Beth Ava / Getty Images

Guilty pleasures are best shared!

10. In fact, sharing things in general...

Sam Edwards / Getty Images

11. ...and saving $$$ as a result!

(AKA money left over to do even more things together!)

12. Your knowledge improves from adopting their smarts and interests...

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13. ...and so does your hygiene.

idjoe / Getty Image

14. Let's not forget the comfort of sleeping with your S.O.'s shirt while they're away.

Vitaly Titov / Getty Images

Bonus points if you have a pet — you get all their attention too!

15. Just having someone special to hug and hold is awesome...

Andrejs Zemdega / Getty Images

...and best of all, even staycations in your sweatpants can be considered sexy.

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